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3Shape has recently announced the launch of its latest hardware innovation, the Generation Red E scanners. (Image: 3Shape)

3Shape introduces updated Generation Red E scanners

By Iveta Ramonaite, Dental Tribune International
October 12, 2020

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: With its wide-ranging scanner portfolio, 3Shape has always provided dental professionals with the leading technology that promised to drive laboratory productivity and boost business growth. In line with its initial promise, 3Shape is now proud to introduce its newest addition to the family: the Generation Red E scanners. Both the most recent scanner, E4, as well as its predecessors, E3, E2 and E1, boast improved accuracy, speed and other advanced scanning features that help dental professionals optimise time and enhance the digital workflow.

3Shape has more than two decades of experience in developing CAD/CAM solutions and introduced its very first dental scanner over 15 years ago. Since then, the company has been continuously advancing its scanners to stay up to date with the latest trends and to meet the needs and demands of the customer. In its latest quest to expand its portfolio, 3Shape has launched the updated high-performance Generation Red E scanners.

“I have always loved our E scanners—they’re a focal reference point in any laboratory—and I think that they hold a significant position in our 3Shape ecosystem,” said Mark Smith, product manager and TAM lead for laboratory product management at 3Shape. “You don’t see many laboratories without a dental scanner, and 3Shape scanners are probably the most sold scanner brand in the world,” he continued.

“Many of our long-time loyal customers have bought previous models of our scanners, the D series scanners. They are still being used to this very day because we built high-quality products, but the technology in those scanners is surpassed many times with our new series, and so by updating the scanner in the laboratory to a Generation Red E scanner, we see examples of saving up to an hour a day,” Smith added.

Advanced scanning features and key improvements

3Shape’s Generation Red E scanner. (Image: 3Shape)

The E4 scanner is the fastest in the E series and can complete a full-arch scan in as little as 9 seconds. To increase customer satisfaction, the company has boosted the scan speed of the other E scanners, which are now built on the same platform as the E4. However, the updated scanners are available at the same retail price as the previous E scanners. Smith explained that upgrading the platform allows the whole series of E scanners to benefit from the latest technology, as well as for the company to better streamline its production line.

“By transitioning into this platform, we were able to increase the scan speed on the E1, E2 and E3 by 20% compared with the previous line of E scanners,” Smith noted.

Owing to the platform update, the Generation Red E scanners are currently only supported by the latest scanning software, Dental System 2020, which was released in June. Another key improvement is the updated catalogue of PCs that are compatible with the scanners as well as with other 3Shape products. Smith explained that the new line of computers has been tailor-made in terms of choosing internal components that would enhance the scanning and designing experience.

While it is usual for many dental laboratories to use closed furnaces, ovens, boilers and even certain closed scanners, the Generation Red E scanners offer an open platform that allows dental technicians to observe the scanning movements. The open scanner feature allows for more interaction with the hardware and has been greatly appreciated by users, Smith emphasised. “Our users spend a lot of time engaging with our products, so if they feel empowered to better themselves by being in control to a larger extent just by using our scanners, then that makes me very proud as a dental technician,” he told Dental Tribune International.

“I have always loved our E scanners—they’re a focal reference point in any laboratory—and I think that they hold a significant position in our 3Shape ecosystem”

Another distinctive feature of the E scanners is their ability to scan a mounted articulator without dislodging the model. This is “a huge time-saver and just a really nice way of letting the users focus on the most important work, which is designing,” Smith explained. Additionally, the dental models are detected automatically, so the scanning starts immediately without action by the user.

Besides these hardware and software improvements, there have been several changes in the design of the scanners. The Generation Red E scanners all have a pitch-black cabinet, which gives them an attractive dark appearance. Additionally, the signature ring in the centre of the scanner, which indicates ring size and number, is now a vivid red.

The importance of going digital

The benefits of having digitalised records are manifold, but implementing a digital workflow in a dental laboratory is mostly valued for the time it saves for dental technicians. Highlighting the most relevant benefit of working in a digital laboratory, Smith noted that the Dental System 2020 software allows its users to work remotely. This flexibility of being able to work from home is especially relevant in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Since designers can work remotely, dentists can still be serviced even during a period of lockdown.

Owing to these and many more advantages, Smith is encouraging dental professionals to embark on a digital journey, with the assurance that scanning their dental impressions with the Generation Red E scanners will place them “well on their way to digitalising their laboratory”.

Experience tomorrow’s dental innovations today

During 3Shape Total Tech Week, a five-day online showcase that runs from 19 to 23 October, dental professionals will have the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of digital dentistry. With dedicated days for dental laboratories, orthodontists, general practitioners and implantologists, the online event will provide dental professionals from various fields with essential knowledge to advance their businesses. In the tech talk on laboratory day, three successful dental technicians will share their experiences of working with the new Generation Red E scanners.


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