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Tais Clausen, CTO and co-founder of 3Shape, presenting the TRIOS 4. (Photograph: Luke Gribble, DTI)

3Shape moves intra-oral scanning forward

COLOGNE, Germany: 3Shape has taken the opportunity at IDS 2019 to introduce its brand-new TRIOS 4 intra-oral scanner. With its release, the TRIOS 4 has now become the company’s most powerful intra-oral scanner. TRIOS 4 introduces two innovative new features that promise to redefine intra-oral scanning, according to the company. It is the world’s first intra-oral scanner with caries detection for both surface and interproximal caries, enabling professionals to deliver caries diagnostics.

TRIOS 4 is a wireless intra-oral scanner, meaning that it has no connecting cable from the scanner wand to the computer. The scanner also features the renowned ergonomics and ease of use of all 3Shape’s TRIOS range, and comes with built-in fluorescent technology that aids in the identification of possible surface caries. Using the TRIOS 4, professionals can now detect surface caries at an early stage, according to 3Shape.

TRIOS 4 possesses a dedicated transillumination smart tip. The smart tip aids in the identification of possible interproximal caries, and this new technology does not emit radiation. The new tip, incorporates the company’s instant-heat technology. This enables the scanner to be ready for scanning in seconds and serves to increase the scanner’s battery life by up to 30 per cent.

“Creating an aid for caries detection without radiation has been an elusive goal in dentistry. This is a ground-breaking achievement. Once again, 3Shape’s TRIOS has redefined scanning,” said Dr Jonathan L. Ferencz, founding member of the International Academy of Digital Dental Medicine.

3Shape’s TRIOS 4 now joins the family of award-winning 3Shape TRIOS intra-oral scanners. The TRIOS range has won the Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology Award for intra-oral scanners an unprecedented six years in a row. In addition, the British Dental Industry Association named the 3Shape TRIOS MOVE the “Innovation of the Year” for 2018 at the FMC Dental Industry Awards.

This past February, 3Shape also introduced the TRIOS 3 Basic intra-oral scanner, an entry-level version of the award-winning TRIOS. It features the same core scanning technology, making dentistry’s best scanning technology available to customers who may not have the budget to go digital. TRIOS 3 Basic delivers a predictable and efficient “scan-and-send-to-lab” digital workflow.

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