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Interview: “Thanks to this app, patients take ownership of their bodies”

October 20, 2020 | Interviews, News

Getting patients to brush interdentally can be an arduous task, but the BOB-App does exactly that. BOB stands for “bleeding on brushing”, which is the motivation app’s crucial parameter. The BOB-Score tells patients their overall inflammation level, and a mouth map shows them exactly which size of interdental brush to use at home for each interdental space. As a result, patients are motivated to reduce their inflammation scores before the next follow-up. Argentine dentist and periodontist Dr Matias Fontanetto uses the BOB-App in order to motivate his patients to turn interdental brushing into a daily habit.

Choosing the right mouthwash in times of pandemic

October 09, 2020 | Advertorial

KRIENS, Switzerland: SARS-CoV-2 has been detected in the saliva of 91.7% of people infected with the virus. This means that dental professionals are particularly vulnerable to infection, and it is recommended that patients rinse with an antiviral mouthwash for 30 seconds before any form of treatment takes place. Researchers from the Université de Lyon have issued a position paper indicating which ingredients a mouthwash should contain in order to effectively reduce the SARS-CoV-2 viral load in the mouth.

Oral health and ageing—a free webinar series

October 02, 2020 | Education

October is geriatric dentistry month at Curaden Academy. Although the number of elderly patients in dental practices is on the rise, many dental professionals lack in-depth training in caring for these patients in the best way possible. In a series of free webinars, Curaden Academy is giving three experts the opportunity to speak about issues specifically related to the treatment of geriatric patients: periodontal problems, prosthodontic treatment planning and pharmacology.

Interview: “Dental hygiene is a practice’s calling card”

October 02, 2020 | Interviews

The Prevention One BOB-App motivates patients to brush interdentally daily while boosting your number of recalls. BOB stands for bleeding on brushing, which is also the app’s main parameter: a mouth map shows patients exactly which interdental spaces bleed on interdental brushing, as well as the necessary interdental brush for each space. As such, patients are motivated to reduce their inflammation scores, and track the process with each recall. Dental hygienist Sabina Floridia explains how the BOB-App has improved her patients’ oral health in the long term.

Interview: “Correct biofilm management needs to be learnt by doing”

September 28, 2020 | Advertorial, Interviews

Although dental students are well aware that a proper oral care routine is key to a healthy mouth, hands-on instruction is usually absent from the curricula. The iTOP—short for individually trained oral prophylaxis—prevention programme fills this gap, teaching students perfect oral hygiene skills and how to instruct patients and motivate them to sustain lifelong oral health. Dental Tribune International spoke to Dr Tihana Divnic-Resnik, a senior lecturer and co-ordinator at the University of Sydney. She has introduced iTOP at the university's Dental School to benefit her students, as well as their future patients.

Preventing and treating cancer therapy complications—“Dental professionals must always be alert”

September 02, 2020 | Advertorial, Interviews

Cancer treatment, by definition, is highly cytotoxic: radiotherapy and chemotherapy cause death of or damage to cells of the oral cavity, and the side effects vary from patient to patient. In a free webinar on Friday, 4 September, researcher and dental surgeon Dr Juliana Schussel, who is also an adjunct professor in the graduate dentistry programme at the Universidade Federal do Paraná in Curitiba in Brazil, will be teaching dental professionals how to prevent and treat cancer complications before, during and after treatment. A special focus will be placed on oral mucositis, as well as medication- and radiation-related osteonecrosis of the jaws.

Teaching perfect brushing with iTOP—”Individual instruction and practical training are key”

August 27, 2020 | Advertorial

The iTOP—which stands for individually trained oral prophylaxis—training programme is for dental professionals who want to set up patients for a lifetime of oral health. In an iTOP session, dental professionals learn about the correct tools and techniques for perfect brushing and oral care through hands-on practice so that they can teach patients in turn. Dentist and iTOP trainer Dr Franka Baranović Huber explained how practical brushing skills are still lacking among dentists and how exactly patients can benefit from iTOP.

“We’ve had minor issues lead to missed time”—Dr Andrew Sarowitz on treating professional athletes

August 26, 2020 | Advertorial

Periodontal disease, acute trauma, ill-fitting mouth guards—these are just a few examples of problems that could compromise athletic performance. As a result, sports teams in most countries have realized the need for specialized dental care, and dentists are increasingly being regarded as essential members of the sports medical team. New York-based dentist Dr Andrew Sarowitz is in charge of the dental health of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA’s) Brooklyn Nets basketball team and works with mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters.

Interview: “Orthodontists should see their patients through the eyes of a periodontist”

August 24, 2020 | Advertorial

According to Dr Jean-Marc Dersot, plaque control is an often neglected but crucial factor in successful orthodontic treatment. Dersot being a past president of the Société Française de Parodontologie et d’Implantologie Orale (French society of periodontology and oral implantology), his favourite topic is the relationship between orthodontics and periodontics, and his output on the topic as an editor and researcher is prolific. “In order to avoid orthodontic side effects, orthodontists need to safeguard the periodontal tissue,” Dersot stressed.

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