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Dysbiosis reflects an imbalance in the oral ecology, and in a free Dental Tribune Study Club webinar, host Dr Juan Carlos Villalobos will be discussing how to design individualised preventive care pathways for patients. (Image: Curaden)

Free webinar to focus on dysbiosis and personalised care pathways

By Dental Tribune International
November 11, 2019

KRIENS, Switzerland: In a free Dental Tribune Study Club webinar on Tuesday, 12 November, Dr Juan Carlos Villalobos will be discussing the importance of mechanical biofilm control as well as explaining how to design personalised biofilm control home-care programs for patients.

According to Villalobos, the scientific evidence indicates that dysbiosis causes inflammation, which has a positive correlation with the progress of chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes and cancer. In the webinar, he will discuss current information about dysbiosis as well as how to design preventive care pathways in order to provide a self-care guide suited to a specific patient’s needs.

Since 2000, Villalobos has run his own private practice. He is a past president of the Academia Mexicana de Odontología Pediátrica [Mexican academy of pediatric dentistry], and from 2015 to 2019, spoke at national congresses across Mexico about caries control and prevention. He received his postgraduate qualification in pedodontics at Mexico’s Children Hospital and teaches pediatric and preventive dentistry at Anáhuac University and the Intercontinental University in Mexico City.

The 1-hour webinar, titled “Dysbiosis and oral health: How to design individualized preventive care pathways”, will be broadcast live on Tuesday, 12 November, at 7 p.m. CET. Attendance is free of charge after easy registration on the website. Participants will be able to ask questions via a chat window and have the opportunity to earn a continuing education credit by completing a multiple-choice questionnaire on the topic.

Dental professionals who are interested in attending the course may register online here.

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