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Inflammation and type 2 diabetes: pathogenesis and current treatment protocols

In patients with type 2 diabetes an inflammatory process is present. This inflammation is due to a pathological activation of the innate immune system, caused by metabolic stress and is partly governed by IL-1 signaling. We identified the role of IL-1β and insulin in the regulation of metabolism and immunity in response to food intake. Yet, as it becomes chronic, activation of auto-inflammatory processes may then become deleterious.

As a possible causal therapy, inflammatory mediators may help. This is supported by clinical studies showing that IL-1 antagonism decreases glycated hemoglobin. Furthermore, IL-1 antagonism prevents heart failure and cardiovascular diseases, the major complications of diabetes and may also prevent microvascular complications.

Lecture will cover the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes, overview of current treatment protocols and potential of future anti-inflammatory treatment, including impact on periodontitis.

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