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The Most Important Tool in Your Dental Office

Goran Tošić PhD MSc DDS

The Most Important Tool in Your Dental Office

“Improve your results and grow your business”. To achieve different results you have to think in a different way. How you approach your work in the office and your attitude is the most important tool. Be sure to pick a good one.

We live in world where questions might be the same but answers have changed. In other words, what has previously got you to a certain place will no longer get you there. And if you want to have results that you have never had before, you need to start doing things you have never done before.

Endodontics is all about cleaning and shaping. But if we look wider, shaping does not include only root canals – we need to reshape our minds (including those parts we don’t often care to clean) in order to make a fresh start, reorganize and get rid of the clutter and things we don’t need. There are some conflicts in endodontics, but it can be applied to the dentistry in general.

Chapter 1. CONFLICT
The Best System in The World
Show me your X ray!
The Road to Hell is paved by “Ten Easy Steps”
Showing off and Popularity Contest aka University of Facebook
Chapter 2. REALITY
Rat Race & The Happiest Nation in The World
Chapter 3. TOOLS
What is the most important tool
ICELAND –Aldous Huxhley
Constant Adjustments

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