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Dental Wings – DWOS Crown & Bridge

The foundation of prosthetic design within DWOS, the extensive capabilities of the Crown & Bridge module provide simple and efficient workflows and flexible tools to meet the most demanding dental situations.

Extensive design capabilities

DWOS Crown & Bridge application includes a multitude of features to create all types of crown restorations:

  • Full contour crowns and bridges
  • Copings and bridge frameworks
  • Telescopic crowns (parallel axis groups)
  • Anatomical telescopes
  • 3/4 crowns with retention beads
  • Inlays, onlays and veneers
  • Overpressed crowns and bridges
  • Hollow pontics
  • Attachments
  • Post & core
  • Design a single custom abutment


For maximum flexibility, an indication change during the design session is possible at any time. Switch from simple coping to full crown, split a bridge into three due to diverging preparations, or remove a pontic as a result of lack of space.


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