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Dental Wings – DWOS Implant Prosthetics

The implant application that manages the design of custom abutments, healing caps, implant bars, and full virtual wax-ups for screw-retained bars and bridges, while giving access to a wide range of implant systems.

Open access to several implant systems

DWOS provides access to an extensive range of implant systems that facilitate the design of customized abutments. Dental professionals also have the flexibility to create their own implant libraries and design custom abutments directly on titanium base systems. This type of implant-base solution is notably affordable and fast to achieve.

Implant custom abutments

DWOS ensures full control of the abutment’s critical parameters: emergence profile, clinical aspect, abutment screw opening that can be angulated, and screw channel extension. The automatic management of parallel axes guarantees the perfect insertion of a bridge over abutments. It is also possible to create several groups of abutments with parallel axes.

Gingiva formers

Also known as healing cap and healing abutment, a gingiva former is installed on the implant during the healing phase to prepare the soft tissues for the final restoration. This device is typically designed on a preoperative model scan on which the implants were previously positioned within coDiagnostiX Guided Surgery software, as a part of the treatment planning.

Moreover, the gingiva former is easily converted into a custom abutment. Both healing and final abutments can be generated from the same order, thus ensuring perfect correlation of the subgingival shapes.


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