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The DAC Universal S delivers dental instrument cleaning and sterilization for rotating instruments as well as those that do not require lubrication. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

Dentsply Sirona launches DAC Universal S

By Dentsply Sirona
October 09, 2020

SALZBURG, Austria: Dentsply Sirona, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dental products and technologies, has announced the release of the DAC Universal S dental autoclave. The new addition to the DAC Universal family allows dental professionals to process instruments automatically in just one cycle and comes with a complete sterilisation function.

Comply with hygiene regulations simply by pressing a button

With two programs to choose from, the DAC Universal S is able to deliver maximum process reliability when it comes to instrument cleaning and sterilisation. The Pink Lid program is designed for rotating instruments such as turbines and straight and contra-angle handpieces, whereas the White Lid program can be used for instruments that do not require lubrication, for example ultrasonic handpieces and the tips or nozzles of multifunctional syringes.

The DAC Universal S uses only demineralised water for all cleaning and sterilization steps and does not require chemical cleaning agents, which works to preserve the lifespan of instruments. The complete process takes approximately 21 minutes for each programme—a fully compliant hygiene cycle with just a press of a single button.

“For me, the DAC Universal S is the best solution on the market today for fast reprocessing of contra-angle handpieces and turbines,” said Jane Mikkelsen, a dental assistant based in Hinnerup in Denmark. “It’s a huge upgrade to the previous DAC Universal regarding total reprocessing time, as the instruments are now cooled. The design of the lids of the new DAC Universal is excellent, and the risk of being burned when touching them is minimised.”

Michael Geil, group vice president of equipment and instruments at Dentsply Sirona. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

“With the development of a combination device with a sterilization function, Dentsply Sirona is addressing the needs of dentists whose markets require the sterilisation process of unwrapped medical devices,” said Michael Geil, group vice president of equipment and instruments at Dentsply Sirona. “With the success of the DAC Universal over the past decades, we are now completing our portfolio in the infection control and instrument reprocessing sector with the DAC Universal S and the now available sterilisation function. This enables our now complete DAC family to meet all requirements worldwide.”

Geil added: “It is our commitment to guarantee and uphold safety and infection control in the dental practice and in accordance to legal and technical standards across different countries. I am extremely proud that we have stayed true to this promise with the DAC family, especially during these times when infection control is an indispensable requirement.”

DAC Universal displays virucidal activity in independent test

In a recent test conducted at the independently accredited test laboratory HygCen Germany, the virucidal activity of the DAC Universal family was tested against temperature-resistant parvoviruses. Full virucidal activity is reached when a sufficient reduction of the virucidal contamination of a surface is achieved so that infection is no longer likely.

The results of the test showed that the DAC Universal exceeded the efficacy levels required to determine full virucidal activity, since no murine parvovirus could be detected in the eluate of the test pieces. These results officially demonstrate that the devices in the DAC Universal family display the maximum level of safety possible for the reprocessing of straight and contra-angle handpieces and turbines.

“As far as I know, there is currently no other technical reprocessing unit of this size and speed on the market in dentistry that displays the same bactericidal, levurocidal and virucidal activity as the DAC Universal,” said Dr. Sebastian Werner, a hygiene and environmental medicine specialist and the managing director of HygCen Germany.

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