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Light curing a CoForm. (DTI/Photo Directa)

Directa CoForm matrix system provides transparent corner matrices

By Directa
July 12, 2010

The CoForm matrix system from Directa provides transparent corner matrices, convenience and versatility. “Sealed surfaces and surfaces finished solely by a matrix were approximately 10 times less rough than after other finishing procedures. The sealer failed to cover the whole composite surface. The unfinished and sealed surfaces lost their shine three to seven days after placement in the mouth.”*

The CoForm matrix system is a unique set of pre-formed transparent matrixes made of celluloid plastic that are specifically designed to deal with composite restorations around difficult incisal edges and tooth fractures.

The matrices conform easily to the patient’s dentition to provide a natural-looking restoration. They are applied over the cavity after etching and bonding with a slight movement to avoid air bubbles.

When securely in place, excessive composite material should be removed.

A prime benefit of utilizing CoForm is that the device aids pressure to force composite material into cavities and etched tubes.

There is little waste involved when using CoForm compared to using disposable matrices.

Light curing is carried out through the transparent surface of the CoForm matrix.

CoForm’s convenient ready-cut mesial and distal corners do not adhere to composite so that they are very easy to remove without causing any drag after the restoration has been light-cured.

The product is available in four sizes to accommodate almost any clinical application: canine, anterior and first molars.

Packaging is a handy clinical dispenser with a simple size selection system to find a suitable form, thus providing ease of use for the clinician.

Directa is a privately owned Swedish dental manufacturer that was founded in 1916. It is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of dental products. Other Directa products include FenderMate, FenderWedge, Luxator Extraction Instruments, PractiPal Tray System and ProphyPaste CCS.

More information is available from Directa.

*Pollard MA, Curzon JA, Fenion WL. Dent Update. 1991 May;18(4):150–152.



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