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ProphyCare Prophy Cup by Directa

Optimal cleaning, superior paste holding

The exclusive ProphyCareCup flares and flexes to contours of teeth to aid in selective stain removal and interproximal cleaning with less pressure and operator fatigue. Optimized size for easy access in hard to reach areas without compromising the paste holding capacity. Soft flare for improved subgingival access - gently massages the gingiva and reaches the pockets for effective plaque biofilm removal. The interior webbing holds adequate amount of Prophy Paste, minimizes splatter and increases stain removal. The exterior ridges optimize interproximal stain removal Soft, flexible 100% latex-free cup. Wider base designed to prevent prophy paste from reaching the contra angle. Suitable to many spaces, for treatment on adults and pediatric use Specially designed for use with ProphyCare Prophy Pastes. For single use only. Cups should be disposed after usage and when changing to abrasive agents with smaller grit. Available in vibration-free screw type and latch type (stainless steel).

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