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Intraoral camera VistaCam iX HD Smart from DÜRR DENTAL

Dental hygienist Vesna Braun gives a valuable insight into her daily practice with the intraoral camera VistaCam iX HD Smart from DÜRR DENTAL.

Topics of the video:
- Advantages of the intraoral camera for practitioners and patients in daily practice
- Support with prophylaxis, caries diagnostics and documentation without X-rays
- Hygienic application due to perfect fitting sleeves

DÜRR DENTAL camera systems provide valuable support in dental treatments and foster patient understanding of the required treatment measures.
Thanks to the intelligent interchangeable head mechanism, the camera system will provide you with reliable support – both in the diagnosis and early detection of caries, as well as in plaque visualisation.
At the same time, it makes your treatment recommendations easier for patients to understand.

key features:
• innovative intraoral camera with interchangeable head system
• brilliant HD image quality
• infinitely variable autofocus for everything from macro to extraoral images
• simple visualisation promotes patient understanding
• diagnosis support without exposure to radiation (Proxi & Proof interchangeable head)
• ergonomic handling and design
• hygienic application due to perfect fitting sleeves
• monitoring and documentation

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