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February 6, 2020 | USA | News

ADA and Henry Schein celebrate Give Kids A Smile at Nasdaq opening

NEW YORK, N.Y., USA: There were smiles all around Wednesday morning, Feb. 5, for the opening of Nasdaq. To help mark the 18th anniversary of Give Kids A Smile, Stanley …


November 26, 2019 | USA | News

Your new and improved guide to New York City

New York City is constantly changing. For visitors, there are more attractions, more things to see and do, than ever before. Even many of the city’s most famous tourist spots, …


October 31, 2019 | USA | Business, News

NYU College of Dentistry hosts Shils Stars Dental Student Competition

NEW YORK, N.Y., USA: The Dr. Edward B. Shils Entrepreneurial Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to innovation in health care, held its third annual Shils Stars Dental Student Competition and …

  1. Alex Negoescu says:

    I ask every new patient if their gums bleed when they brush. Invariably they so No or maybe sometimes. I give them a mirror explain the anatomy of the gingival sulcus as similar to the space under their fingernails. If they get dirt under the nail they brush it out. So cleaning their teeth is same as cleaning their fingernails + aim the soft brush into the gingival sulcus.
    I demonstrate brushing each tooth from 24 to 14 as well as 34-44.
    97% of population gums will bleed then when shown interdental brushes are very surprised that bleeds even more.
    Every appointment after I do the same.
    I am their gun trainer + I can make an elite gun athlete in 10 days.
    I commend you for taking this on as often dental professionals think they are immune to decay due to their knowledge. They don’t walk their own talk.

  2. Kasira Tiansongjai says:

    excellent technique

  3. Thiago leite says:

    Where can we buy product in Brazil

  4. guillermo morales gonzalez says:

    me gustaria particpar y si me envían información, horarios y costos agradeceré infinitamente

  5. Juan José Guerrero says:

    Buenos días, gracias por la información del Dr. Brånemark, ¿ sabrían recomendarme un libro acerca de su vida ?

  6. Oscar Olivella says:

    Tengo 83 años, me acaban de extraer las piezas 17 y 18, será necesario hacerme un implante en la 17?


    Please make it available at affordable price in all over India including the remote areas too. Please help us, We have not stepped out of home for over a year in fear of catching covid 19. Normal life is disrupted. We pray the nasal spray works an thanks very much for this Innovation!!!

  8. Syd says:

    Would it not be easier to just have all their teeth replaced with implants? Would be cheaper. The cost of R&D of a product would be in the 100k’s or millions.

  9. Arushi Gupta says:

    Oral hygiene maintenance is important to prevent this .

  10. Dr Ranpise Sudarshan says:

    More research is needed to appreciate facts but it can be taken as alarming signal

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