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FKG – S-Apex

Compact and lightweight design

The apex locator S-Apex combines design and precision in a compact format. The S-Apex takes up little place, fits every hand and can be stored on any instrument tray.

The S-Apex meets all the criteria of the latest generation apex locator, especially as it works according to the proven ratio technique. This involves measuring the impedances of two frequencies (400 Hz and 8 kHz) to provide an absolutely precise length measurement. Blood, electrolytes or other substances do not impair its reliability. It is not necessary to set the device on zero before each measurement; the automatic calibration eliminates the effect of such sources of disturbance as temperature changes inside the canal.

The practitioner is informed during the measurements of the exact file position at every point in the root canal. The deeper the file penetrates into the canal, the more bars appear on the large LCD display. In the apical region, the colour of the bars changes from blue to green - an indication to the practitioner that the critical region has been reached. In addition, an audible signal can also be activated.

For enhanced safety the practitioner can mark the important points of the root canal treatment on the display: The “flash” bar is set in the region of the apex; it acts as a reference point for measuring or enlarging the root canal. The “memory” bar marks such points as the start of a sharp bend or shows at which point a change in the file size becomes necessary.


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