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Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent – OptraGloss

One polishing system for all popular indications in the dental practice

Ivoclar Vivadent – Adhese Universal

Adhese Universal is a single-component, light-cured adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures and all etching protocols. It is the only universal bonding agent available in the innovative VivaPen.

Ivoclar Vivadent – Efficient Esthetics Test Kit

3 instead of 2 patients in the same amount of time without compromises in quality

Ivoclar Vivadent – IPS e.max CAD

IPS e.max CAD is the world's best-selling glass-ceramic¹. It is suitable for the efficient fabrication of full-contour restorations and is known for its versatile application options, comprehensive range of indications and for its high strength of 530 MPa².

Ivoclar Vivadent – PrograPrint

3D printing for dental laboratories

Ivoclar Vivadent – IvoBase

IvoBase Injector permits a fully automated, controlled injection and polymerization procedure of special PMMA resins which are coordinated with the system.

Ivoclar Vivadent – IPS Ivocolor

IPS Ivocolor range of materials combines the proven properties of the IPS stains systems and innovative further developments in a single assortment.

Ivoclar Vivadent – Total Etch

Total Etch is an etching gel containing 37% phosphoric acid.

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