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Dr. Peter Wöhrle will be a speaker and moderator at the upcoming Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2020 in Las Vegas. (Image: Nobel Biocare)

Interview: “You can gain practical knowledge to improve treatment success”

By Nobel Biocare
February 19, 2020

After the success of the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium a few months ago, the event’s scientific committee chairman, Dr. Peter Wöhrle, will be a speaker and moderator at the upcoming Global Symposium 2020 in Las Vegas in the U.S. One of a few doctors worldwide with formal specialty training in the interrelated areas of implant surgery, implant prosthodontics and dental implant technology, here he provides insight into what implant professionals can expect from this world-class event.

Dr. Wöhrle, what inspired this event and what can dental professionals expect when they attend?
What motivates us is helping dental implant professionals around the world treat more patients better with improved outcomes and patient experience and with more streamlined, scientifically proven protocols. What challenges do they need to solve on a daily basis? How can they advance their skills and practice implant dentistry at the highest level? At the Global Symposium 2020, you can gain practical knowledge to improve treatment success and skills with a mix of hands-on sessions, discussions and presentations from many experts.

What are the key topics that attendees will be able to learn about?
The program is truly diverse because, as every clinician knows, we are faced with countless different indications and treatment options. Immediate function and esthetic outcomes are central topics covered in numerous sessions. Other topics of interest include hard- and soft-tissue regeneration, treatment planning, managing complications, extreme cases and ceramic implants. And, of course, digital dentistry is fundamental to the future of our field, so we cover this topic across many sessions as well. But most importantly, the scientific principles upon which these solutions are based are presented in a logical and convincing way.

How can the sessions help clinicians grow their practices?
The patient experience is at the center of what we do. A positive patient experience is probably the most effective way to raise patient awareness and increase exposure and thus profile for the practice. Delivering predictable esthetic outcomes, combined with shorter time-to-teeth, is paramount in today’s market place. Therefore, these treatment approaches are reflected in many of the sessions.

What I always find exciting about Nobel Biocare symposia are the debuts of innovative new solutions that have real potential to improve the way we can treat patients and subsequently make an individual practice stand out from the rest. This year is no exception.

Can you tell us about the panel of speakers?
It’s a diverse group of experts from different specialties, from both clinical practice and scientific research, many of whom have been world-renowned for many years. What I find really exciting, though, is that the next generation of experts are taking part in this symposium. They have already excelled in implant dentistry and are bringing a new approach and perspective to the field. This is your chance to experience the future leaders in implant dentistry.

How is this symposium different from previous symposia?
Today, Nobel Biocare cooperates closely with the other Envista companies, all of which will be joining Nobel Biocare in Las Vegas. This time, attendees will experience an even bigger range of solutions, including the latest equipment from KaVo Kerr and clear aligners from Ormco.

For you personally, what do you like most about taking part in the Nobel Biocare Global Symposia?
I always like discovering the latest cutting-edge innovations from Nobel Biocare. But on a personal level, it’s extremely rewarding to network with other dental professionals. I learn so much from the experiences of my colleagues; we compare the challenges we have to deal with and share different opinions about this exciting and rapidly evolving market. It can be challenging for a lot of practitioners and technicians to find the time to interact with their peers, but don’t underestimate how much you can learn from networking and socializing. I find this such a valuable part of the symposium experience.

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