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  1. Hannie Verhoeven says:

    Hoe frequent mag een dergelijke opname gemaakt worden?

  2. Anwarulhaq says:

    GC is a best product

  3. Valentina says:

    Buenas tardes, este curso se realizará este año? 2021. Si es así necesito información. Si no es así, habrá algún curso similar? Saludos

  4. Dr.Ashish Karve says:

    Amazing concept …We are following the same at my office in Neral Maharashtra India.
    Only 5 apointament per day .
    Most importantly we and our patients both enjoy the dentistry.Thanks for introducing the structural concept .Looking forward .Regards.Dr.Ashish Karve

  5. Robert Wilson says:

    About 17 years ago I took my daughter to our dentist for some treatment,she was 7/8 years old.First appointment went ok,when I took her for second treatment, my daughter shut her mouth just as dentist was about to give her jag in gum.He was raging,he turned round ,stamped his foot and walked a few paces away.The dental nurse and I were stunned at this,and I even thought that if I hadn’t been there,he would have at least given her a shake.Can’t emphasise enough how angry he was.My daughter said that she got scared.I gave him another chance,though he also use to verbally rip woman to shreds,any woman reading this,he hates you for the simple reason you are female, it was horrible. I also told him something in confidence in his surgery,then when we walked into reception area,he stopped,turned round and pointed at me,laughed and told everyone in reception area what I said.I walked out and I have never been back.Dental practice wrote me a letter a couple of years later saying I would be struck off as patient if I didn’t reply,I didn’t reply.Just found out today,17 years later that they didn’t strike me off,which means they are getting money for me every year from nhs,I’m sure that is fraud is it not?

  6. Lama says:

    Nice work

  7. Fady sameh says:

    Hi, i am dentist in egypt, i would like to know how to work a dentist in liechtenstein, thank you

  8. Vera Tsourekis says:

    Dear Sir,
    I will very much appreciate it if you can give me a contact number of a dentist or prosthodontist in Athens, Greece who works with Air Flow Prophilaxis Master.

  9. Caro Isla says:

    Hermosa historia de vida…
    Tuve la suerte de conocer a Eduardo y siempre fue amable, inteligente e integrador… ademas una eminencia en Estomatologia.
    A seguir contando historias que quedan muchos años por recorrer…
    Gracias Doc. por compartir tu sabiduría…

  10. Terry Greyling says:

    Excellent overview of the evolution of adhesive bonding agents

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