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How to work with Intra-Oral scanner files

Madalena Pires

How to work with Intra-Oral scanner files

Open, edit, freeform and work with Intra Oral scan files in Planmeca PlanCAD Premium software.

Crown & bridge and single implant case with respective models. Features: dynamic occlusal adaptation, parameters for adapting the crown to the abutment and much more. Crown and Bridge case
  • Import IO project. Open summary.xml
  •  Create new project in PlanMananger and import files manually.
  •  Edit files.
  •  Margin lines on Intra-Oral scan data.
  •  Position teeth with ChainMode and Show distances.
  •  Articulate jaws and simulate movements under expert.
  •  Dynamic occlusal adaptation Create.
  •  Create Implant Model.
Single Implant case using MIS library
  • Implant indications in Planmanager
  • Import files manually
  • Edit scan data
  • Freeform scan data
  • Preconditioned gingiva
  • Advanced Abutment Milling Parameters
  • Freeform abutment
  • Model with Implant

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