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Restorative guidelines for fiber-reinforced restorations: from design to fabrication of pontics using CAD/CAM technology

Achieve more predictable fabrication technique outcomes for fiber-reinforced composite fixed dental prostheses with the help of digital technologies.

Fiber-reinforced composites (FRC) are non-metallic biomaterials. They represent suitable alternatives in prosthetic dentistry when used as components in fixed dental prostheses (FDPs). Some drawbacks have been identified in the clinical performance of FRC restorations. These include delamination of the veneering materials and fracture of the pontic. The inclusion of ceramic pontics in the fabrication of FRC FDPs intends to overcome the discoloration, delamination and wear that conventionally used veneering materials have shown. This dental webinar provides an alternative to fabricating pontics for FRC FDPs. Enhanced pontic shapes and higher mechanical properties for the final restoration are some of the advantages that can be achieved, in addition to higher cosmetic-aesthetic values.

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