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Direct pulp capping as a conservative procedure to maintain pulp vitality

October 15, 2018

From a completely optimistic point of view, the ultimate goal for every dentist performing a restorative and/or endodontic procedure should be to maintain the pulp vitality and functionality of the tooth without any discomfort for the patient. The pulp tissue is needed to provide nutrition, innervation and immunocompetence, with these acting as a defence mechanism and alerting to the presence of any external aggression.(1)

Orthograde apical application of an MTA plug in a tooth without constriction

October 08, 2018

The minor apical foramen should be maintained at its initial position and size after chemomechanical endodontic procedures. If the apical constriction is breached and transported, cleaning procedures will be compromised and obturation significantly difficult to carry out well.

Unmittelbare Pulpa-Überkappung als konservatives Verfahren zum Erhalt der Pulpenvitalität

September 20, 2018

Komplett optimistisch betrachtet sollte das oberste Ziel eines jeden Zahnarztes, der eine Füllungstherapie und/oder eine Wurzelkanalbehandlung durchführt, der Erhalt der Pulpenvitalität und der Zahnfunktionalität ohne jegliche Beschwerden für den Patienten sein. Das Pulpagewebe wird benötigt, um Versorgung, Innervation und Immunkompetenz sicherzustellen, wobei diese Faktoren als Abwehrmechanismus fungieren und vor Angriffen von außen warnen. (1)

MTA placement with the Produits Dentaires MAP System

March 14, 2018

More than 20 years ago, Torabinejad et al. first described a new root-end filling material called mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA). MTA showed in vitro better sealing ability than amalgam or Super EBA when used as a root-end filling material. Later, several in vivo and in vitro studies demonstrated more applications for MTA. Pulp capping, apexification, repair of root perforations and root-end filling are commonly described clinical procedures to seal the pathway of communication between the root canal system and the external surface of the tooth. The application of MTA was first described as being achieved with aid of plastic or metal spatulas. Unfortunately, proper placement was not possible in this manner.

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