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Third-generation owners of Produits Dentaires, Nicolas and Yann Gehrig (from left). (Image: PD)

PD celebrates 80 years of endo-expertise

By PD (Produits Dentaires SA)
March 16, 2020

VEVEY, Switzerland: Produits Dentaires (PD) was founded in 1940 by William Gehrig, who had the vision of testing the boundaries of innovation. Today, this path is continued by the third-generation owners, Nicolas and Yann Gehrig, whose mission is to deliver smart yet simple solutions to help leading specialists succeed.

PD is present in over 100 markets across five continents and boasts an extensive distribution network of agents, dealers and depots. “It is thanks to our network that our products have gained international repute, synonymous with Swiss quality at its finest,” said Yann Gehrig, CEO of PD. However, to maintain its position and to appeal to a new generation of dental specialists, the company needed to rethink its business model and introduce new innovative solutions.

Challenges and opportunities

For the past decades, the company’s business model remained unchanged: providing products based on the needs of its distributors. But times have changed. With the arrival of new competitors and the solutions they introduced, Nicolas and Yann decided to redefine the company’s approach to the products they make.

“Our mission is to become the leading provider in specialised endodontics solutions. Our innovation pipeline consists of smart yet simple devices that will revolutionise the industry as we know it,” explained PD President Nicolas Gehrig.

In March 2018, the company launched IrriFlex, a unique solution to improve cleaning and disinfection in complex root canal anatomies. This was followed by the arrival of EssenSeal, an exclusive root canal obturation sealer featuring melaleuca or tea-tree essential oil. IrriFlex has been the cornerstone of the company’s expansion strategy in the dental irrigation segment. “Our expertise in the design and manufacture of plastic injection moulded parts has opened doors to new opportunities in R & D,” explained Yann Gehrig. “We are exploring new concepts towards improved removal of hard and soft deposits from root canals,” he added.

Eighty years of collaborative R & D

But the plans for future expansion do not stop there. The R & D team is working continuously on developing a new product portfolio, while improving the existing flagship products on which the company wants to focus. “After those 80 years, we’re still a family-owned company. As a business that’s rooted in years of collaborative R & D, we strongly believe in the power of partnerships. And thanks to our holistic network of industry experts and change-makers, we have the ability to ignite innovation faster and more effectively than any other industry player,” said Nicolas Gehrig.


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