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EAPD policy on the use of fluoride for the prevention of caries

In 2019, the European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (EAPD) published a policy document on the use of fluoride for the prevention of caries in children. This webinar will review the different recommendations and provide some background as to their practical application.

This document, an update of the guidelines issued in 2009, presents the results of a thorough expert review and discussion of available evidence. Based on a quality assessment of the evidence, recommendations were formulated for the use of various topical and systemic fluoride agents. The appropriate use of a fluoride containing toothpaste remains the cornerstone of the basic fluoride regimen. Other fluoride agents can be considered, but their use should be balanced between the estimation of caries risk and possible risks for adverse effects. The use of fluoride must be part of a preventive program that needs to be tailored to individual patients’ and population’s needs and risks.  

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