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SMARTPHONE DENTISTRY. ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. For Reluctant Would-Be Virtual Dentists With or Without an Online Presence

This complimentary online training will introduce you to a next-gen online marketing tool that will quickly, easily and almost effortlessly, collect, converse and convert new, willing and ready-to-pay-deposit patients even in a deep recession for any would be virtual dentist with or without a website.

My exclusive, one-time-only online training covers a number of special tips, including …

I AM NO GOOD AT CONVERTING PATIENTS FACE TO FACE. Most dentists aren't. I have personally trained over 1,000 DCPs to connect with patients' hearts and minds and get them started. How do you do this?

I DON’T DO ORTHO. I demonstrate how you can stimulate more implants, veneers, smile makeovers, hygiene, check-ups, worn teeth, teeth whitening, perio, All-on-4, crowns, bridges, emergency, denture, ALL through SmileMates powerful A.I. assessment tool.

NO MARKETING BUDGET OR ONLINE PRESENCE? Learn at least 16 different internal email and text marketing campaigns. Reactivate inactive patients, re-engage dead leads, get lapsed treatment plans jump-started. My inner circle now has access to this proprietary information and are currently exploiting a little-understood return-on-investment opportunity (revealed Sunday 27 September from the comfort of your own home).

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SUPER-SUCCESSFUL ‘DENTISTRY FROM A DISTANCE’ ASSOCIATE WITHOUT A WEBSITE. Before lockdown, this earn-more-work-less associate was doing just four Invis cases a month. In the last two years she has doubled her personal income and is on track to double her clinical hourly rate. She hasn’t put a SmileMate widget on her website because she doesn’t have a website. She merely uses a special web link created inside SmileMate. I expose her best practice that any switched-on would-be virtual dentist can immediately start profiting from.


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