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Smile in a Box, a Webinar Series: Part II Single-tooth Workflow; Implant Placement and Restoration

Please join Dr. William Martin and Dr. Luiz Gonzaga for the presentation on Smile in a Box Webinar Series: Part II Single-tooth Workflow; Implant Placement and Restoration.

The rehabilitation of the single missing tooth to an entire terminal dentition has become a focal point in today’s implant practice. With patient awareness increasing from radio, TV and social media; prompting them to seek treatment, clinicians find themselves faced with the need to offer these services. In addition, evidence-based treatment protocols promote the social, functional and esthetic benefits of dental implant supported restorations, and with the increased integration of digital technology, this process has become streamlined for the treatment team. With the complexity that is often faced in these clinical situations (bone reduction, implant positioning, template design and fabrication, abutment selection, provisional fabrication and indexing), technology that is currently available, run by an extended member of the treatment team allows for these steps to be pre-planned and fabricated to ease the burden on the surgeon and restorative dentist at the time of surgery.  Straumann® Smile in a Box is a digital, modular, integrated treatment planning and manufacturing service to cover your surgical and prosthetic indications. You select the services you want, and Straumann® delivers everything you need for your treatment in one box.

This Webinar Series focuses on the technology utilized to plan and order (“smile in a box”) CBCT guided templates and provisional restorations. In Part (I) we focus on the full-arch workflow while in Part (II) we shift to the single unit scenario. Please join us for our candid discussion on the topic, highlighted by clinical cases and an opportunity for Q&A.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize the clinical factors of significance in the assessment of patients for immediate placement and loading workflows in short span situations.
  • Understand the “smile in a box” workflow and how to communicate with the design and manufacturing team.
  • Become familiar with the abutments and materials involved in the restoration of the single-tooth restoration

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