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Cervitec F survey: Results point to a well-liked product

SCHAAN, Liechtenstein: In a survey recently conducted by Ivoclar Vivadent on its new protective varnish, Cervitec F, respondents commented favourably on its aesthetics, range of applications, delivery form, fluoride and chlorhexidine concentrations, and taste. Overall, the dentists reported that the significant advantage of the combination product is that it saves time.

The survey invited dental professionals to rate the properties of the varnish, which was launched in all European markets in September 2016 and is now available in Australia and New Zealand. “Their opinion is important to us,” a representative of Ivoclar told Dental Tribune Online. A total of 279 dentists tested and commented on Cervitec F.

According to Ivoclar, more than 80 per cent of the survey participants were generally satisfied or very satisfied with the results of the varnish system, reporting that they would recommend using the product after professional teeth cleaning. Over half of the surveyed dentists also said that they would recommend using the product during orthodontic treatment for high-risk patients or patients with motor impairments. In addition, respondents indicated that they use Cervitec F for patients with root caries, implants or erupting teeth.

Cervitec F differs owing to its innovative formulation, merging 1,400 ppm fluoride, chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride, according to the company. This means that fluoride application and bacterial control can now be achieved in one working step, the representative explained.

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