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COLTENE acquires polisher company KENDA

By Dental Tribune International
December 19, 2017

ALTSTÄTTEN, Switzerland: COLTENE Holding, an internationally leading developer and producer of dental consumables, is acquiring KENDA, a specialised manufacturer of silicone polishing instruments for dentistry. Upon finalisation, the acquisition will increase the COLTENE Group’s consolidated sales by approximately €3.4 million from 2018.

Regarding the acquisition, KENDA CEO Reinhard Franck commented: “COLTENE is a perfect fit for KENDA. After a thorough evaluation, we concluded that KENDA would have a brighter future as a member of the COLTENE Group. We are looking forward to joining the company.”

COLTENE CEO Martin Schaufelberger said, “KENDA is a smart addition to the range of products offered by our Rotary Instruments business. Thanks to COLTENE’s international marketing and sales organisation, we are confident that KENDA’s innovative products will attract growing attention worldwide and create new growth opportunities for us.”

The transaction is scheduled to close on 1 January 2018, subject to the customary due diligence and regulatory requirements. Both parties agreed not to disclose any details about the acquisition price.

KENDA, headquartered in Vaduz in Liechtenstein, was established in 1977 and manufactures high-precision rotating polishing instruments for dentistry and dental laboratory applications. After the acquisition, KENDA’s competencies will be integrated into COLTENE’s rotary instruments product group, expanding its current offering of diamond and carbide burs and enhancing its technology expertise and sales flows.

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