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Dental Wings and vhf camfacture announce new collaboration

MONTREAL, Canada/COLOGNE, Germany: International provider of digital dentistry technologies Dental Wings and German-based machine milling expert vhf camfacture have recently announce a new collaboration. As of now, vhf’s Z4 dental milling and grinding machine can be fully integrated into Dental Wings’ DWOS software and DWOS Chairside design software for restorative indications, including crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers.

Speaking to Dental Tribune International, vhf CEO Frank Benzinger said, “I’m pleased that Z4 customers can now use a streamlined workflow within the DWOS environment. With the Z4, we’ve designed a milling and grinding machine that is perfect for same-day dentistry productions. For users, the integration presents a key advantage, as they can go directly from scan to design and mill beautiful restorations in a minimum time span.”

Vhf’s Z4 produces restorations made from glass-ceramic, PMMA, zirconium dioxide and composite, and the machine can finish prefabricated titanium abutments too. One-click mounting means the material block is automatically secured and can be easily exchanged.

The integration offers Z4 users a fully streamlined workflow within the DWOS environment without an intermediate interface. Speaking to Dental Tribune International about the new collaboration, Dental Wings’ Michel Divet, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said: “The integration of the Z4 mill within our DWOS Chairside design software is a real testament to our commitment to provide efficient and easy-to-use solutions in partnership with key market players.”

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