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Dentistry at nanoscale: how nanotechnology advances the properties of dental implant surfaces

Nano-coatings are increasingly used for dental implants as surface properties play an important role in osseointegration. (Image: ALDECAstock/Shutterstock, SLActive surface/Straumann)
By Franziska Beier, DTI
December 19, 2019

LEIPZIG, Germany: It is said that it is the small things that make a big difference. This applies literally to the field of nanotechnology, which over the years has been increasingly applied in various areas. Today, nanotechnology is used in everything, from developing smart fabrics that can be used for personal thermal management to methods of curing cancer, and has also found its way into dental applications. Nanomaterials are used as filling materials in restorative dentistry and endodontists work with nanotechnology-based root-end sealants. In implantology, nanomaterials are employed for tissue regeneration, as implant materials and also to optimise the surfaces of dental implants, since these surface characteristics are crucial for successful osseointegration.

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