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EAED Spring Meeting: Organisers announce live streaming of sessions

MILAN, Italy: While final preparations for this year’s Spring Meeting of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED) are in full swing, the organisers have decided on a complement to the traditional event. In response to the high registration demand, which could not be met because of limited attendance, the opening ceremony and two sessions are now to be streamed live via the event website.


The academy’s 31st Spring Meeting will be held in Milan from 25 to 27 May and see a number of international experts lecturing on the latest trends in various fields. The programme includes sessions on digital workflow, metal-free bonded restorative materials and management of mucogingival defects.

The event, which is limited to 400 people, was sold out early. However, to accommodate those who would have liked to attend, the organisers will be broadcasting directly from the UniCredit Pavilion in Milan. “The location is very modern and technically advanced, so we are taking advantage of that to stream sessions live,” EAED President Dr Stefano Gracis recently told media partner Dental Tribune Online.

On the event website, the opening ceremony and a lecture on fashion and design in Milan will be streamed on 25 May at 2–2.30 pm. Then, on the same day, the John McLean Honorary Lecture (“The science and art of dental ceramics—An update”), featuring speaker Dr Markus Blatz (US) and moderator Dr David Winkler (UK), will be broadcast at 5.10–6 p.m. The Peter Schärer Treatment Planning Session, with presenter Dr Wael Att (Germany) and moderators Drs Stefan Paul (Switzerland) and Giulio Rasperini (Italy), will be streamed on 27 May from 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

In addition to the oral presentations, the event gold partners will be hosting workshops on several topics. Henry Schein will address the art and science of implant treatment in the aesthetic zone, Nobel Biocare will focus on its On1 restorative concept in addressing the importance of retaining adhesion of peri-implant mucosa, and MIS will introduce its V3 Implant System, which participants will be able to try out. Thommen Medical will offer attendees the opportunity to discuss with well-known experts issues they deal with in their daily work. Pre-submitted questions will be randomly selected and answers considered, including possible treatment paths and clinical relevance.

Furthermore, this year, the organisers have launched a new initiative: the EAED Esthetic Photo Contest. Registered meeting participants were able to submit images by 5 May of dental-related subject matter, possibly, but not exclusively, concerning the theme of this year’s congress, “New trends in dentistry: Facts and fashion”. The images could be factual or artistic, clinical or an interpretation of materials and instruments. They could be taken with any camera and even with a microscope, be in colour or in black and white.

A committee will select the best 16 photographs to display in the congress venue. These images will then be judged by all participants during the event. The three best pictures will receive recognition at the congress, while the 12 best will be published in future issues of the International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry.

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