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EFP launches new website

By Dental Tribune International
June 25, 2020

BRUSSELS, Belgium: Much more than a restyling or an update, the new European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) website constitutes a step forward in terms of design, functionality and navigability. It is also an entirely different approach to the publications, events, projects and materials that the EFP shares with dental professionals, organisations, medical workers and the public.

The new Oral Health & Gum Hub offers a wealth of science-based information to the general public on periodontal disease, its prevention and treatment, as well as on dental implants and the prevention and treatment of peri-implant disease. This section for patients also features an easy gingival health self-assessment tool and useful videos that give instructions on oral hygiene and explain periodontal and peri-implant therapy.

Campaigns, news, events, publications and education are the key areas of the website, which offers improved sections for patients and for journalists, as well as a private area for EFP members and all the relevant information on the EFP. For the first time, it is possible for everybody to subscribe to the EFP’s newsletter, even if they are not dental professionals or are not members of an EFP-affiliated society. This is also reflected in an expanded section for patients and people who are not particularly familiar with periodontics, gingival health and periodontal disease.

“Our website offers a unique visitor experience to our more than 16,000 affiliated society members around the world, and to everybody interested in periodontology and implant dentistry, with a special space devoted to non-professionals, who will navigate through a really patient-friendly environment,” explained Dr Xavier Struillou, president of the EFP.

He continued: “All in all, this new website allows our different target audiences a new way to look at the EFP, and at gum health and gum disease.”

“This new website brings us a new look, a new navigation architecture, and a brighter feel to the website visitor’s experience,” added Dr Tiernan O’Brien, chair of the EFP Communications Committee. “We’ve succeeded in getting the right balance between portraying the EFP as a global healthcare institution, an academic body, a resource for patients, a home for a federation of national scientific societies, a news desk, and a working office space for the daily activities of the EFP. Our challenge was to create a blended website that would represent all of these aspects of the EFP at the same time.”

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