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GC International opens head office in Switzerland

By Dental Tribune International
September 17, 2013

LUCERNE, Switzerland: GC International, the new international branch of dental products manufacturer GC, has opened its head office in Lucerne, Switzerland. The company’s CEO and president, Makoto Nakao, personally welcomed representatives of the industry and the press to the newly built office during the official opening at the beginning of September.

At the meeting, guests were guided through the upper floor of the office building, which was redesigned by Carlos Antonietty, a Lucerne-based architect. In order to create a tranquil working atmosphere, the various offices, which are separated by glass walls, were painted in pure white. In addition, a large conference hall offers a panoramic view of the Lucerne mountains.

Attendees spent the remainder of the evening at Hotel Astoria Lucerne, close to the new office. Drs Heinz Erni and Orlando Monteiro da Silva, both past presidents of the FDI World Dental Federation, and Stefan Roth, Mayor of Lucerne, attended the event.

The multinational office, GC International, which was founded earlier this year, will be guiding the international affairs of GC Asia, GC Europe und GC America in future. GC Corporation will continue to operate independently from Japan.

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