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Henry Schein Orthodontics announces European Carriere Symposium in Paris

By Dental Tribune International
June 20, 2018

EDINBURGH, UK: Henry Schein Orthodontics, a division of dental equipment and services provider Henry Schein, is currently exhibiting its portfolio at this year’s European Orthodontic Society Congress. Simultaneously, preparations for the company’s annual European Carriere Symposium are already in full swing. The event will take place from 20 to 22 September in Paris in France and showcase the latest innovations and clinical solutions to help orthodontists achieve new levels of patient care and practice efficiencies and effectiveness.

The symposium will focus on the newest technologies and evidence-based treatment protocols to achieve an entirely new level of orthodontic excellence, the company said. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about new and innovative concepts and tools that, according to Henry Schein Orthodontics, make a total health difference in the lives of patients. From the groundbreaking Sagittal First philosophy to the new Carriere SLX 3D Bracket System and Carriere Motion 3D appliances, well-known speakers will present innovative concepts to help diagnose and establish treatment plans. They will share proven strategies that increase clinical efficiency, shorten treatment time and help achieve extraordinary long-term results.

The keynote speakers and Dr Luis Carrière, inventor of the Carriere Philosophy, will focus on evidence-based clinical solutions for the treatment of complex Class II and III cases. “Innovations in our profession range from equipment and new tools to treatment concepts that positively impact every aspect of how we achieve consistent clinical excellence while enhancing the patient experience,” said Carrière.

“Therefore, it is crucial to be open to new concepts, embrace innovations that deliver dental, facial and total health results that exceed patients’ expectations. With a simple, bonded biomimetic device such as the Motion 3D appliances, utilising the Sagittal First philosophy, orthodontists can reposition the mandible, expand the airway and balance the relationship between the nose, upper and lower lips and chin for enhancing facial harmony—for either Class II or Class III cases. This results in a non-invasive approach to face- and health-driven orthodontics that greatly reduces extractions and surgery and thus the need for interdisciplinary therapy for the good of patients. I am convinced that orthodontists play a role of social importance in people’s lives,” he added.

Carrière will be supported by the programme chairman and Henry Schein Orthodontics’ lead clinical adviser, Dr David Paquette, who will explain the Sagittal First treatment approach and present a second paper, titled The evolution of self-ligation, as well as featured speaker Dr John Graham who will talk about how Sagittal First is transforming today’s orthodontic practice.

The speaker line-up and papers include:

  • Dr Ana Maria Cantor (Spain): Simplification of Class II and Class III corrections treatment protocol
  • Dr Peri Colino Gallardo (Spain): CBCT in orthodontics: Advance 3D solutions
  • Dr Francesco Garino (Italy): Aligner therapy simplified: Fewer trays, less time, better results
  • Dr Antonio Guiducci (Italy): Sagittal First with passive self-ligation: Transforming today’s orthodontic practice
  • Dr Glenn Krieger (US): Increased case acceptance, amazing clinical images, and lower stress
  • Dr Jep Paschal (US): Sagittal First treatment approach explained
  • Dr Olivier Setbon (France): The benefits of achieving a Class I platform in mixed dentition
  • Dr Norihide Tsubura (Japan): Shifting the way we approach complex cases, by turning them into simple cases

The presentations will be held in English and Spanish and simultaneously interpreted into French. Break-out sessions will be offered in French, Spanish and English, and one of these sessions will be dedicated to hands-on practice.

At the exhibition area, a broad spectrum of the latest innovations and new clinical solutions will be showcased, focusing on the integrated processes of the digital orthodontic workflow, including intra-oral scanning, digital imaging, clinical orthodontic planning and 3-D printing. In addition, through the networking opportunities provided, orthodontists will be able to share their experiences with their peers from around the world. Bringing together leading orthodontic speakers and forward-thinking attendees in a powerful learning environment, the event is expected to sell out as in prior years, the company stated.

Registration for the fourth annual European Carriere Symposium is now open here.

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