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Interview: “The time required to maintain oral health is small and the benefits are huge”

By FDI World Dental Federation
January 05, 2015

In anticipation of World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2015, which will be celebrated on 20 March to promote worldwide awareness of issues surrounding oral health, the FDI World Dental Federation launched the “Smile for life” campaign in November last year. In this Interview, Gerard K. Meuchner, Henry Schein Vice President and Chief Global Communications Officer, explains how the company, which provides products and services to dental professionals around the world, will be supporting this global event.

FDI World Dental Federation: Why is Henry Schein a global partner of World Oral Health Day?
Gerard K. Meuchner: Henry Schein has made a commitment to support oral health as a vital element of general health. WOHD exists to promote the benefits of oral health within the context of overall health.

Why do you believe that celebrating WOHD is important?
The benefits of oral health are too often overlooked and unappreciated. WOHD helps raise awareness of this important issue in a way that is fun and engaging.

How does Henry Schein contribute to the World Oral Health Day campaign?
As the world’s largest provider of products and services to the oral health community, Henry Schein uses its communication network to spread the news about oral health and WOHD. We distribute posters and other communication material to our customers—dentists around the world—and we use our presence on the NASDAQ stock exchange to celebrate WOHD on the giant NASDAQ display in New York City’s Times Square.

What else does Henry Schein do to support oral health worldwide?
We regularly communicate the benefits of oral health to our customers and to society in general. We have a programme called Total Health Beyond the Mouth that assists dental professionals in educating patients about the integral link between oral health and total health. We also participate in forums that promote the connection between oral health and overall health, such as a recent event that was held at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

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