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Lasers without boundaries

By Georg Isbaner, Oemus Media
March 24, 2011

COLOGNE, Germany: On Wednesday evening, the Israeli laser specialist Syneron presented a device that seeks to overcome the technical hurdles and economic challenges of laser dentistry. Current systems work with a costly and yet susceptible fibre technology that often restricts hand movement. “The trick with the new technology is that all of the laser’s electronics is integrated in the handpiece itself,” said Ira Prigat, president of Syneron Dental.

This is equivalent to a technological quantum leap, which could have numerous consequences for laser dentistry in practice. The fibreless technology enables a (nearly) constant power transfer without loss of energy, according to Prigat. The susceptibility of the laser is reduced to a minimum. In addition, the weight is just a third of that of conventional systems. In addition, no cumbersome seven-mirror articulated arm restricts the user’s freedom of movement.

The handpiece tips are robust, reasonably priced and diverse, according to the manufacturer. The transfer tube is flexible, has a comfortable working length and merely serves to transfer power, water and air. Added to this are aspects relevant to a clinical practice. The laser is inter-collegial and can be used at several workplaces because it is easy to transport. Low follow-up costs through a three-year guarantee and the favourably priced tips that can be repolished would mean a calculable commitment for the investing practitioner.

The therapeutic spectrum of laser dentistry ranges from hard- and soft-tissue management to implantology and guided bone regeneration (GBR). For patients, laser treatment is attractive in many cases because anaesthetic is not required. With the technology by Syneron Dental Lasers, practitioners have a system in their hands that offsets most of the disadvantages of current laser technology, according to Prijat.

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