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New world record: German dentist extracts world’s longest human tooth

By Dental Tribune International
November 19, 2019

OFFENBACH, Germany: Tooth extraction is part of the day-to-day business in a dental practice. However, last year, Dr Max Lukas was fairly stunned when he pulled out a tooth that turned out to be above average in length. Now, the dentist, who runs a dental office in Offenbach, has received his official Guinness World Records certificate.

The tooth was extracted in September 2018 because it had caused inflammation in the patient’s upper jaw. “Owing to the length of the tooth the swelling reached his right eye and caused the patient great pain,” explained Lukas to DTI. “Preoperatively, I could already see that the tooth was extraordinary long in the panoramic X-ray,” he added.

For the extracted canine tooth, which measured 37 mm, Lukas was given an entry in Guinness World Records at the end of October. He spent about a year submitting the necessary paperwork and having the tooth checked before it could be listed. “The entry in the Guinness World Records was very difficult and included quite a few obstacles,” said Lukas.

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