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Project for improved root canal therapy launched

By Dental Tribune International
June 03, 2019

ROSTOCK, Germany: In Germany, about 7.5 million root canal therapies are carried out annually. With the help of an innovative system, it may soon be possible to carry out ultrasonic preparation of the root canal and to monitor the condition of the file during treatment. In addition, protection against thermomechanical overloading will prevent the instrument from breaking.

Research teams from Rostock, Dresden, Leipzig and Lemgo in Germany have begun a new project aimed at improving root canal therapy. Sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s (BMBF’s) funding programme Twenty20—Partnership for Innovation, and the smartconsortium, members of the medical faculty at the University of Rostock and the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems are working together on the project.

“We are pleased to have strong partners at our side in this project and are working very closely and in an interdisciplinary way with them. We are counting on great benefits for our patients,” emphasised Prof. Emil Reisinger, dean and scientific director of the medical faculty at the University of Rostock. The aim of this IPUCLEAN joint research project is the development of a piezoelectric ultrasonic cleaning system to support root canal therapy with rotating super-elastic files made of shape memory alloys.

“The joint project is intended to improve the treatment process and patient safety during root canal therapy in the medium term—at the same time ensuring and increasing the quality of the treatment results achieved,” said Prof. Rainer Bader, head of the FORBIOMIT research laboratory for biomechanics and implant technology at Rostock University Medical Center.

The project is being funded by a BMBF grant of more than €1 million. The research is being supported by Komet Dental, Werner Industrielle Elektronik and Zahntechnik Leipzig.

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