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SS White introduces Great White carbide lab burs

By SS White
March 12, 2019

COLOGNE, Germany: When choosing a dental bur, the options seem endless, even for specialty burs like those designed for laboratory applications. The needs and requirements of dental laboratories have changed significantly over the past ten years, and today’s laboratories cut everything from plaster to titanium and require a product that offers great efficiency.

For increased performance and durability in laboratories, SS White recently introduced its Great White Lab Series Carbide Burs, with a patented proprietary zirconium nitride coating to increase the surface hardness of the bur and create an extremely efficient cutting instrument. According to Brant Miles, Director of Business Development at SS White, the Great White laboratory burs offer up to ten times increased durability and longevity compared with products not coated with zirconium nitride.

With a tungsten carbide head, the burs cut a multitude of different dental substrates, and a stainless-steel shank reduces unnecessary wear to the handpiece. The burs are abrasion-resistant, reducing surface heat and vibration for a cooler and more consistent surface finish.

With the versatility to cut all types of materials, the Great White laboratory burs are available in cross-cut and spiral-fluted blade configurations in a variety of shapes, sizes and grits. Dental professionals can choose the correct instrument for all applications, whether for bulk reduction, adjusting or fine finishing on all dental materials, including stone, acrylic, precious and non-precious metal, or any other material used in the dental laboratory.

“The Great White Lab Series burs offer excellent value owing to their industry-leading cutting efficiency, which leads to increased service life and lower instrument cost. With optimal material reduction, the laboratory cutters produce a high-quality surface finish, which helps reduce remakes,” reported Miles.

SS White invites anyone interested in adding Great White carbide laboratory burs to their SS White product line or becoming an SS White dealer to contact International Director of Sales Michael Schwartz at By partnering with SS White and representing the 175-year-old brand, dealers will benefit from

  • a differentiated restorative and endodontic full product line
  • world-class quality (ISO 13485:2003)
  • preferred pricing commitment
  • industry leading delivery times
  • full sales and marketing support.

More information can be found at

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