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Strengthening the editorial powerhouse: DTI holds first Editors’ Meeting

LEIPZIG, Germany: Providing quality and valuable information in dentistry has always been a primary aim of the Dental Tribune International (DTI) publishing group. As the group’s network and the dental industry are growing rapidly, a focus on content is more important today than ever before. For this reason, editorial representatives from 20 countries recently came together for the first DTI Editors’ Meeting.

From 31 May to 2 June, DTI hosted the editorial heads of the publishing group in Leipzig, where the company’s international headquarters is located. Almost 40 representatives attended to discuss the cornerstones of journalism and production guidelines, which are most important for assuring the quality of the DTI publishing portfolio. The group currently produces over 130 print publications and manages multiple websites that together reach more than 650,000 dentists in over 90 countries.

As part of its continuing portfolio expansion and in response to the growing importance of digital media, DTI is relaunching its website this year. Thus, another focus of the meeting was the further development of the new DTI website in order to make it a more effective tool for content provision that suits the needs of dental professionals all over the world. With improved usability and a modernised and interactive layout, the revamped website will feature the latest updates in dentistry, industry-related news, and upcoming webinars and global events.

“Content is our biggest asset. Our global editorial powerhouse has to be developed further, as it will become the main driver of our business in the future,” said Torsten Oemus, President and CEO of DTI.

The first DTI print publication, the today trade show newspaper, appeared in 1999 during the International Dental Show. The newspaper is now published at over 70 dental events worldwide, providing comprehensive information and coverage that enables better planning and orientation, as well as general business information for congress participants and exhibition visitors. The first Dental Tribune edition was published in 2001 in the Asia-Pacific region. Today, it is the largest global newspaper, with over 30 editions in 25 languages. Since its establishment, DTI has fostered relationships with major dental associations, like the FDI World Dental Federation. For the last 12 years, DTI has published Worldental Daily, the official newspaper at the FDI Annual World Dental Congress.

In 2007, DTI launched its first specialty publication with the cosmetic dentistry magazine. Today, the continuing education magazines represent the premium segment of the publisher’s portfolio and offer information about the most significant developments in digital dentistry, implantology, dental lasers, orthodontics, prevention and endodontics. The latest additions to the print portfolio are the Clinical Masters magazine, which is published annually as a complement to the continuing education Clinical Masters Programs, and the Journal of Oral Science and Rehabilitation, both introduced in 2015.

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