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The MAP System: A solution for precise and predictable MTA placement

September 18, 2019

VEVEY, Switzerland: The Micro-Apical Placement (MAP) System, from Swiss endodontic company PD, provides a unique and efficient method for precisely placing endodontic filling materials with either orthograde or retrograde approaches. The company considers it to be the product of choice for perforation, root end filling, pulp capping and retrograde obturation therapies. The NiTi shape memory needles can, furthermore, be manually shaped to any required curvature and adjust easily to the shape of the root canal for effective placement of repairing materials.

The MAP System is available in several different kits and consists of a high-quality Swiss stainless-steel syringe with a bayonet catch designed for a large range of exchangeable application needles. The Classic single-angle needles are designed for precise non-surgical endodontic procedures, and the Surgery triple-angle needles are best suited for surgical endodontic procedures. The NiTi shape memory needles are, by design, universal and ideal for both orthograde and retrograde therapies. The plungers are reusable and made of medical-grade polyoxymethylene. Any residual material left inside the needles can easily be removed with NiTi cleaning curettes.

When used in combination with PD MTA White, the exclusive mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) cement that has been developed to be placed with the MAP System, dental professionals have the perfect, simplest and most durable solution for successful and predictable endodontic therapies.

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