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VIA-MEDIA 2021―overview of current dental media published

By Dental Tribune International
November 05, 2020

BERLIN, Germany: At the end of October, WHITE & WHITE, a Berlin-based communications agency, published the fourth edition of VIA-MEDIA. The compendium offers marketing experts and media decision makers a comprehensive overview of 345 market-relevant dental online and print titles and serves as an important tool for decision-making in future media planning.

VIA-MEDIA is part of the VIA-DENT study series, a press and industry analysis that is unique to the dental market and that gives an annual overview of the most current offers and communication trends in the industry.

Distinction between German and international media

For the first time, the VIA-MEDIA overview has been divided into German-language and international segments. A total of 148 print and online titles from Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as 197 titles from the international publishing business are listed. A breakdown according to specialisation, type and country allows marketing specialists to adjust their media strategies in order to effectively reach different target groups.

Dental Tribune International and its German partner, OEMUS MEDIA, are represented by numerous publications in newspaper, magazine and newsletter format.

“In this challenging coronavirus year, we thought about how we could improve our support for marketing experts and media decision makers through VIA-MEDIA 2021. Visibility and networks for differentiated target groups are the key factors for sales success,” explained Lars Kroupa, initiator of the study series and owner of WHITE & WHITE.

VIA-MEDIA 2021 can be requested by email free of charge.

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