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Straumann n!ce

Unique proprietary fully crystallised glass-ceramic developed and produced by Straumann

CURAPROX Perio Plus+

CURAPROX Perio Plus+ is a new generation of antiseptic mouthwashes, gel and toothpaste containing just the right amount of chlorhexidine for each case and patient. The secret ingredient? CITROX, a pot…

VITA Bleached Shades

The original is being expanded –Bleached Shades now available for VITA classical More and more people are deciding to have their teeth whitened. However, they do not always, get the result they want….

Dürr Dental – Lunos Prophy Powder Gentle Clean

For supragingival, fast and effective cleaning and removal of extrinsic discolouration.

FKG – XP-endo Shaper Plus sequence

A new generation of Swiss-made instruments enables safer and more effective root canal treatments, thanks to unique 3D extension capabilities.

FKG – XP-endo Shaper

The One to Shape your Success – 3D canal shaping

Osstell Beacon

Osstell, the company that developed the ISQ technology, now takes the next leap in the evolution of implant diagnostics with the introduction of the Osstell Beacon, an innovative and highly intuitive…

FKG – XP-endo Finisher

Optimal cleaning while preserving dentine – 3D canal cleaning

FKG XP-endo Finisher R

The XP-endo Finisher R is dedicated for retreatment cases.

FKG – ScoutRace

Sequence designed for canals with severe curvature

FKG – Race ISO 10

Designed for calcified or narrow canals

FKG – iRace

Quick, effective and safe

FKG – BT-Race

Biological & Conservative

FKG – TotalFill BC Sealer

Premixed Bioceramic Endodontic Materials – Filling

FKG – TotalFill BC RRM

Premixed Bioceramic Endodontic Materials – Root repair

FKG – Rooter S

Compact, Cordless Endodontic Motor

FKG – S-Apex

Compact and lightweight design


DRSK RCT is a tooth model, 3D-designed and equipped with pulp cavity and root canal(s). It comes in different shapes and variations, corresponding to various teeth in a natural permanent dentition. Ev…


DRSK QU!ZZ is a serious game developed and brought to you by DRSK Group AB. It is aimed to help the dental students improve their dental knowledge while having fun. DRSK QU!ZZ employs the concept of i…

Bien-Air iChiropro

{{REQUEST}} The iChiropro by Bien-Air is a revolutionary physiodispenser, controlled from an iPad and equipped with some of the best-performing attachments ever designed. Its CA 20:1 L Micro-Series co…

R-SI-LINE METAL-BITE: Perfect bite registration

For more than a decade, R-dental has offered METAL-BITE®, the universal registration material. The dark grey A-silicone guarantees excellent universal registrations. According to the German opinio…


PeelVue+ Sterilisation Pouches PeelVue+ is the recommended packaging method for moist heat sterilizing, sterile storage and presentation of instruments and accessories to the patient. When the peelabl…


ShortCut The all-in-one hassle-free, scissor-free retraction cord dispenser   • All-in-one-system that fits comfortably in the hand • Built-in cutter, no need for scissors • Rotary…

Pôle Thermoformage

Pôle Thermoformage Conception et fabrication française au laboratoire de Wittelsheim Le thermoformage La réponse sur-mesure du praticien aux demandes actuelles de prévention…


ZETA – Nouvelle Ligne de Désinfection et de Stérilisation Zhermack L’expérience acquise dans le domaine de la désinfection et de la stérilisation à froi…

Apexlocator Raypex®6

Sets new standards with respect to user-friendliness and design Accurate length determination Foldable, pocket-sized design Unique 3-D style colour touch screen Smart user interface “Plug-and-start” a…

Ultrasonic Cleaner Sweep 2000

The Henry Schein Ultrasonic Cleaner Sweep 2000 combines the most modern technology and safe handling with reliability. The innovative lid, with an automatic locking mechanism, provides a sealed cleani…


Zone™ Temporary Cement Dux Dental’s family of Zone Temporary Cement products is formulated completely free of eugenol. All Zone products are low in water solubility and resistant to breakd…

Alginator mixing machine

The proven mixer that takes the work out of mixing alginates and stone. The Alginator makes a smooth, virtually bubble-free mix while eliminating waste and reducing clean-up time. The alginate bowl is…


Hygienic disposable bib holders Surveys show that bib chains and clips are on the radar as potential sources of contamination. A bib chain can ‘grab’ onto hair or accumulate patient’…

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