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botiss – NOVAMag fixation screw

Resorbable magnesium screw

The NOVAMag fixation screw is composed of a completely resorbable and biodegradable magnesium metal alloy and is available in various sizes for use in stomatology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, implantology and periodontics. It is intended for the fixation of barrier membranes and/or bone grafts or bone filling materials in support of guided tissue and bone regeneration.

The biodegradable magnesium alloy used for the fixation screw as well as its surface treatment is designed to slow down resorption during the initial wound healing phase, thereby providing sufficient stabilisation of the barrier membrane or bone graft. It is of synthetic origin, removing the risk of disease transmission.

NOVAMag fixation screws are usually resorbed approximately one year after implantation. Therefore, there is no need to remove the screws in a second surgical intervention.

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