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DIGORA Toto sensors are easy to use and provide superb,
repeatable clinical results. They feature many improvements
over traditional intraoral sensors.

• Images promptly available for diagnosis
• Cutting edge CMOS sensor chips have a wide dynamic range and
provide chrystal-clear images
• Repeatable image quality with automatic image optimization:
• Minimized need to adjust images
• Virtually no under- or overexposures
• No need to change exposure settings for each patient
• Fluent workflow:
• The sensor is continuously ready to capture image instantly
from X-ray exposure
• Both sensors of different size (1 and 2) can even be connected
and ready for use at the same time
• One piece system: saved desktop space and real portability
• REAL Plug and play technology allows easy sharing of the sensor.
• No drivers or gain files needed.
• Handy clip keeps sensor stationary during imaging
• Sensor wall mount
• Compatible with all intraoral X-ray units


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