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In a free Curaden webinar, dental hygienist Mário Rui will discuss how intra-oral cameras are a great aid for educating patients about biofilm. (Image: CURADEN)

Webinar to discuss use of images in biofilm control

By Dental Tribune International
January 27, 2020

Motivating patients to implement optimal oral hygiene at home is not an easy task. In a free Curaden webinar on Tuesday, 28 January, dental hygienist and health psychologist Mário Rui will discuss how images and intra-oral cameras are a great aid for educating patients about biofilm.

The aim of the webinar is to discuss whether the use of images in the context of a dental appointment, in addition to behaviour change techniques such as reinforcement, goal setting and feedback,  contributes to increased biofilm control. According to Rui, “use of an intra-oral camera enables patients to see the areas of greater biofilm accumulation and retention, and those areas where its removal is difficult, as well as inflamed areas, thus improving the understanding that informs the therapeutic intervention process”.

“This webinar will show that technologies such as intra-oral cameras can play an important role in oral health behaviour interventions,” explains Rui. “And as we know, patient behaviour is inseparably linked with oral health and plays a major role in maintaining optimal oral hygiene before and during treatment.”

The 1-hour webinar, titled “To see is to understand—the use of intraoral cameras as an aid for individual biofilm education”, will be broadcast live on Tuesday, 28 January, at 7 p.m. CET. Attendance is free of charge after easy registration on the website. Participants will be able to ask questions via a chat window and have the opportunity to earn a continuing education credit by completing a multiple-choice questionnaire on the topic.

Dental professionals who are interested in attending the webinar may register here.

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