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Oral Health Foundation launches new guidelines for denture adhesives

RUGBY, UK/VANCOUVER, Canada: The Oral Health Foundation (OHF) has recently published a new set of global science-based guidelines for denture adhesives. The new recommendations will combat the current lack of guidance for complete denture wearers regarding the correct use of denture adhesives.

According to data from World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision, there are expected to be 2.1 billion people aged 60 years or older in the world by 2050. This number represents 16% of the expected population and is triple the figure for this age group in 2010. Consequently, there will be a growing need for denture adhesives, as older adults are more likely to experience tooth loss. Denture adhesives or fixatives offer better retention and stability of dentures, improved confidence and comfort, and reduction or elimination of food debris beneath dentures.

A task force, which included experts from the OHF, King’s College London and representatives from the US, Greece, Japan and Switzerland, undertook a comprehensive review of existing guidance for the best use of denture adhesives. The panel found only limited recommendations and guidance available.

“The current lack of guidance on the use of denture adhesives may mean that denture wearers are left confused,” said Dr Nigel Carter, OBE, Chief Executive of the OHF. “The evidence is clear; using an adhesive can provide benefits for patients with best-fitting dentures both in terms of function, confidence and comfort. These new guidelines will give dental professionals the confidence to know how and when to recommend denture adhesives for maximum patient benefit,” he continued.

The new denture adhesive guidelines follow on from previous advice on how to clean dentures published by the OHF in August 2018. Together, they form a comprehensive resource on complete dentures for dental professionals, carers and denture wearers.

The guidelines were announced at the 2019 International Association for Dental Research General Session and Exhibition in Vancouver in Canada and can be downloaded here.


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