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OsteoBiol GTO: A new step towards excellence in biomaterials

By Tecnoss
September 26, 2019

LISBON, Portugal: At the beginning of this year, Tecnoss, a leading biomaterials manufacturer based in Italy, launched a new bone substitute which combines innovative and advanced biotechnology, providing implantologists and periodontists with a grafting solution with improved surgical handling and predictable regenerative results. OsteoBiol GTO is endowed with all the characteristics of the ideal biomaterial for bone regeneration. This pioneering product is able to promote the three biological processes which guide bone regeneration: new bone apposition, neo-angiogenesis and progressive resorption of the scaffolding material, in order to promote adequate new bone formation. Tecnoss is showcasing GTO at the 28th Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO 2019) from 26 to 28 September.

GTO is a dual-phase biomaterial, because its granules contain both mineral and organic components. The preservation of collagen within the original xenogeneic cortical and cancellous bone matrix induces a physiological biological response by the patient’s bone tissue. Collagen has several significant advantages for bone regeneration, all scientifically well documented: it stimulates mesenchymal stem cell differentiation into osteoblasts, it is chemotactic, and it stimulates neo-angiogenesis and the absorption and subsequent release of growth factors. All these important biological benefits have determined the scientific rationale behind Tecnoss’s 20-year-long research and development effort to produce a full range of collagenated dual-phase bone substitutes.

The development of GTO is the last step of the process of continuous improvement by Tecnoss, starting with Apatos Cortical, a very osteoconductive but slowly resorbed scaffolding biomaterial. The first real breakthrough innovation has been Gen-Os, which is the precursor of all the dual-phase products. The outstanding OsteoBiol mp3 then followed as the first pre-hydrated bone substitute, packed in a ready-to-use syringe. In 2016, OsteoBiol TSV Gel, the thermosensitive viscosity resorbable gel which is used to create a sticky bone mix with Gen-Os, was launched. GTO combines all of the company’s experience and expertise in a unique product which is extremely versatile and achieves outstanding biological performance.

GTO has an ideal viscosity, which means that it is very sticky and easily adaptable to the recipient site, making it a great option for treating various types of complex bone lesions. Its syringe formulation means that it is ready to use and is directly injectable into bone defects, making its handling easy and quick. GTO has been conceived as a universal biomaterial and can be used with OsteoBiol Evolution membranes or Lamina to protect the graft. Its stickiness and stability are useful properties for horizontal augmentation procedures (e.g. two-wall defects, where the crest is resorbed) and for socket preservation cases with compromised buccal plates. During sinus lifting, GTO can be applied directly through the bony window, helping the stabilisation of implants in case of immediate placement. GTO can also be successfully used to treat peri-implant lesions, dehiscences and severe intra-bony defects.

The product is already available in all EU countries and in other European markets where the OsteoBiol product line is distributed. For further information, visit

Attendees of EAO 2019 are invited to discover the new OsteoBiol GTO at Tecnoss’s booth (#B28) in Hall 2.



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